Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Gotta get back!  This blog is so dear to me and it's been on the backburner.  So, I am committing to writing once a month and it won't be perfect or have a sweet format. Just the facts.  We will start there.

2017 Highlights
4/6/17 Daniel Benjamin Tankoos arrived - 9lbs 15 oz 21.5"
What a bundle of joy our dear POOEY is to us.
Now 9 months old - has two bottom teeth, one top tooth on the left side
Eats EVERYTHING.  Loves food.  Bottles not so much.
Rolls over, crawls, stands and pulls himself up.
Acid reflux POOR GUY!

TNT continues to be a firework!
Loves preschool - 2 ams a week
Has her own ideas and likes things her way
Is finally warming up to little bro LOL
😅  (and OMG yay emojis on blogger!!!)
Loves quesadillas, broccoli, french fries and applesauce (fav meal at the Cantina)
Is funny and smart and challenging and adorable
Movie - currently Boss Baby (toy story, mulan, SING, anything on you tube - blippi, story bots and other weird toddler stuff
Game - ABC mouse
Toy - changes daily. This am she put lip balm on woody's hat AHAH  Loves Woody and Buzz
What to work on - This girl is going to college with her binky.  I just know it.
Bedtime - still fun for the most part.  She is POKY!  We do books, stories, songs and prayer.  Then a drink.  Then another book.  Then something else random! 
Potty- CHECK!  I didn't ever think she would get there but once she decided (becuase she wanted to go to school) it was done in 2 days.  Pull ups at night still.

5.21.17 our BLAKE LEMON LYONS arrived!  Our hearts are full and we have had such a wild and fun year with TNT and the babies.  Babies in matching jammies for the win.

Went to a billion weddings

Had a blast at the lake for WILD WEDNESDAYS

Cantina going strong

Got a new job 8 month pregnant.  Worked 3 weeks and then took 12 off.

The Last Jedi on point.  Rey for President. 

Ok - well it's late and I gotta get myself to bed!
xoxo to everyone

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Michelle Powell said...

Yay! Missed you buddy! 😘 happy new year! Love seeing pics of your adorable kiddos!