Saturday, February 4, 2017

Elton John at the Huntington Center 9/28/16

Why did I not post this?  What an AMAZING concert.  We got a call an hour before the show with the offer of tickets, scrambled to get a sitter and off we went.  Missed about 20 minutes of the show, but Sir Elton played for about 2 hours so we didn't feel cheated.  Seriously, what a VOICE!  It has this magical and penetrating quality that is matched by no other ( know I immediately will say Eddie Vedder has the same effect, and it's true, you know it...)

Most of his band has been with him since the SEVENTIES!  What?!??  Loved that they have been playing together for so long.  These guys were a class act and dressed the part - no ripped jeans or shirtless guitar solos.  Suits, ties, hats - sharp dressed men.

And then there's Elton.

He donned a rainbow sequin jacket...and it was perfect.

Incredible experience!  Once in a lifetime show.

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31derful said...

A true artist and class act!