Thursday, January 26, 2017

Baking with Taylor

When daylight is short and you need activities, baking is one of our favorites.  TNT loves to help and especially enjoys eating her creation - WHO DOESN'T??!?!

We made chocolate chip "cookies" with coconut flour.  Coconut flour is such a weird consistency, you should just call these muffin balls or something like that.  If you think cookies - ICK- but if you think they are muffins, then OK!

We also made treats for the birds - stale bread with gross old peanut butter and anything we could find to "decorate."  We set them outside and waited for the birds, but the squirrels were faster.  TNT was mad and said it was for the birds!  Squirrels are a bit tricky.

Chubby little hands are my favorite.  Good thing we had Skye from Paw Patrol to help us!


Michelle Powell said...

Love cooking with the littles ❤️She is so cute!

31derful said...


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Aww. this is so cute.. she is love and the way she is making these cookies are adorable...i really love the coconut plus taylor... god bless her..