Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ann Arbor Hands on Museum

If you have not been to the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum, you need to get there!!!  What a fun place to take kids.  TNT will be 3 in May and she had an absolute BLAST playing, experimenting, learning and entertaining us all the while. Plus a family membership is only $75 for the year and reciprocal for Imagination Station and museums all over the country!

My Aunt Pat and Uncle Ted treated us to this exciting little adventure.  Thank you AP and UT!!

The Museum has 4 floors and one floor specifically dedicated to 4 and younger.  We stayed and played in that section for over an hour!  The water exhibit was also a long visit - she just loved it!  Other highlights were the foam block room, the video mat to step on, and the Tesla voltage machine.

This water exhibit called H2OHHHHHHHHHHH was the coolest.  It kept us all entertained.  Listen to TNT squeal with delight!!

Block fun

Following in Grandpa's footsteps


Mirror triangle - trippy!

My favorite picture of all time!!!

Water fun - good thing I had extra clothes with me

Roll on the floor in a public place during cold season?  Sure, why not


31derful said...

May I have a copy of the black and white? It's just amazing.

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