Friday, December 9, 2016

Target Fail

Shopping at Target is so fun.  I love Target, I love the layout, and you can get almost anything you need there.  Which is dangerous.

What is also dangerous is the sale rack.  Not in the terms that you buy too much negating the idea of saving money, but in the physical sense.

I was rifling through the 50% off rack and all of a sudden CRASH!  The whole rack went down. SERIOUSLY!  There was another shopper in my vicinity and she actually said, "What did you do?"  I wanted to snap back, NOTHING TOMMY BOY!  But I restrained myself.  

I went an found a dressing room attendant to confess my retail crime, and she actually laughed.  Out loud.  Which made me have a compulsion to hug her and then I thought, no, better not....

 We put the rack back together in true teamwork fashion.  She was so funny and gracious.

A+ customer service Target for not making me feel terrible/stupid and have to find a new Target. Target on Monroe is the place for me.   Perhaps I need to shop a bit less vigorously and a tad more gingerly.  


31derful said...

Perhaps it was the rack itself that needs to be sold at a discount!

write my essay custom writing said...

Target is my forever love as it provides both convenience of getting everything under one roof plus its comparatively cheaper prices. I think i am one of their most loyal customer.