Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Best birthday ever

What a fun THIRTY EIGHTH birthday I had.  I feel so loved and happy.  Grateful for all our blessings and this wonderful life!  Here is my day in pics.

My day started out with my HRM wishing me a Happy Bday!

Oh no!  Pho Vietnam is closed!  WAAAAHHHH!

Ended up a Amango on Monroe because THEY have Pho and it was all I really wanted to eat that day.  You know how you get obsessed with the idea of a specific lunch?  Well, me too.... 

Such a cute welcome home !!

This is my favorite.  Little hands "helping" make the cake

Cavatappi and meatballs with salad made by yours truly.  Again, you know how you want something so specific?

Went to Sylvania Farmer's Market for some Osage oranges and green popcorn

Family selfie!

I need this photo in black and white.  My sweet little peepster was very excited to help blow out the candles and of course, enjoy the CAKE!


Ky | TwoPretzels said...

I loved every single thing about this post. What a beautiful soul you are. Beautiful family. All of it. Sigh...

Ragan said...

Happy belated, Een! Your family is so stinking cute!!

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Hey, Belated Happy Birthfat to you. All the decorations look so amazing and cute. This is the best birthday celebration I have seen. Thank you for the post.

harvey said...

Happy Belated Birthday.