Monday, July 11, 2016

9021 OH YEAH

Today I will watch the final episode of Game Of Thrones.

This is a big deal.  I am OBSESSED with this show.  And not like the dramatic on Facebook, OMG obsessed with these mini lip sticks!  Dumb.  Truly - this show has taken over my thoughts, dreams, conversations and all social media searches.  I thought about Jon Snow for an hour during my workout.  I realized that I didn't even have music on halfway through.  Ridic.

I am on IMDB several times a day and have looked at ALL 1 million cast members, read their background info, other movies/works, and Game of Thrones Wiki - pssschhhht, forget about it.  With maps of Westeros, House lineage, timelines (AHHH!).  It's amazing.

So what I am telling you is that I need something else to fill the void until 2017 when the next book arrives.

It's only appropriate that I go from an emotional, intense, visually stunning show to another....


This show was a guiding force in our teen years and our world REVOLVED around it.  Like  my current GOT obsession (note*not lipstick obsession), we NEVER missed a show.  This was before *binge watching* was a thing, but back to a simpler time when we just NEVER scheduled any activities on Thursday nights because Dylan was just too cool to miss.

On my DVR is no less than 50 episodes.....HAHAH!  FIFTY?  I hope this will keep me occupied until 2017.

These two.....nerd alert! But as a parent, I totally feel for them now.  Even if they are squares.
Never liked this guy

Always liked this one.  The smoking, being French.  Brenda and Dylan forever.

Donna - don't act like a bimbo.

A gun in a bikini?   Really Aaron Spelling, were you even trying?

Special guest star psycho, jersey-stealing, U4EA slipping crazy

No words necessary

Most improved

Love this guy

Special guest star, woman beater, and embarrassing singer

Not a Kelly fan.  Just so perfect and blonde.  #teambrenda

Also thought she was a nerd, but now, really think she's the only one with a brain on this show.


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Steve Sanders = #douche

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