Friday, June 10, 2016

I'm getting cats

Danny and I catered The Victory Center's fundraiser weeks ago at The Parkway Place on the trail.  This organization supports cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones.

We offered the fantastic Southwestern Eggrolls that everyone loved and raved about.  YAY Danny!

It was a nice evening, lots of food vendors and desserts, a caricaturist (The talented Bil Barrett), a live and silent auction, a photo booth and.....fortune tellers.

I was so intrigued.  It's been a while, but I've had my fortune read before and while I don't take the advice literally or verbatim, I think it's a whole lot of fun.  And interesting.

I waited all night to see the astronomer.  I circled her table like a shark.  I tried to make eye contact.  I waited.  And waited.  Aaaaand waited.


There was a break in the action and I excitedly bounced up to her table.

She puts a  hand up (What?  NOOOOOOO!) and tells me she is all done for the night.  I. Was.  Devastated.  I most likely acted like a kid who missed Elsa at the Ice Capades because she softened up a bit after seeing my tears my disappointment.

"Wait," she said dramatically and grabbed my hand.  OH BUDDY, this is it!  She is going to read my aurora and reveal secrets to me that I have never known about myself.

"I'm getting cats....yesssssss, cats.....lots of cats....."

I was confused.

"Oh, ok, great.  What kinds of cats are you getting?"

"No, I am not GETTING cats," she replied.  Slightly annoyed, maybe annoyed?

"Ok, huh, well, um....."

"For you I mean.  I see cats.  Do you have a cat?"
"Do you want a cat?"
Still no...
"Do you love cats?"
Well, better than dogs...
Have you ever seen a cat?
Come on now.  You aren't even trying!

Guess I should have paid.

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