Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Face In or Face Out?

This is a serious question...is there a protocol for facing IN or facing OUT when you have to climb over people at a concert, performance, or anywhere else you are jammed in like sardines?   Also, why are people so weird about letting you out?  Like it's some enormous inconvenience to stand up and let them by?  That's something else - PEOPLE, please stand up (...please stand up), for God's sake don't swing your legs to the side as if that helps.  Because it DOES NOT.

Face OUT:
This means you are facing the stage and your rumpus is facing your opponents
You can grip the seat in front of you for support
You can still see the stage

You risk an opponent butt grabbing your duppa (intentional or not)
You cannot see your opponents
You may grab the hair of a snarky teenager in front of you and get tweeted about #mylifeisover

Face IN:
This means your tuckus faces the stage and you have to look at your opponents
Honestly, I cannot think of a singular one

You might fall face first into the lap of an opponent
You might grab an apendge of your opponent because you have nothing to brace with
Eye contact with your opponent is entirely possible

Face out if you have to at all.  Most times I will only purchase an end seat because of this debacle.

What do you prefer?

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