Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'll slap you. I don't care if you ARE 5.

I took my sweet pea (who will be 2 next month) to the playground at Pacesetter yesterday.  Taylor LOVES the playground and zooms from slide to slide, swings, sea saw and enjoys spinning and banging the extras on the equipment.

In the young kids' section, there is this little tube that goes up, connects with a semi-open cube, and then goes down in a similar tube/slide.  She loves it.  It was the first "slide" she rode.

There were two little boys (probably brothers, probably 4ish and 6 ish) in the connection, just sitting there.  As Taylor climbed up the tube, they were blocking her way to the slide.  I politely said, "Hey guys, would you please let her through."

Do you know what?


In the meantime my sweet, angel, ASS KICKER, just said excuse me and pushed her way past these two little boogers.  I was insanely proud.  GO GIRL!

If you have experience with 2 year olds, you know what's coming next.  AGAIN.  So up she went and guess who was there to impede her success.  Those two little hooligans.  THIS TIME they would absolutely not let her through.  WHAT!!!!??!!  So again, my bass-ass bull-baby, just went down the same side she came up.  What a champ.

AGAIN.  So this time, as Taylor climbs up - these two little SHITS threw wood chips down on the slide so it was hard/slippery to climb on up.  Taylor was slipping and not making it up.  When I heard these boys yelling at her - "YOU DUMB BABY, GO AWAY,"  naturally, I freaked out.

As I slapped the shit out of both of them - no wait, I didn't but you can imagine that I gave them the dirtiest, dirty looks of all time.  So instead of accosting a 6 year old, I just grabbed my little amaze-ball and said, "Ok peeps, let go where the kids are nice.  I see only mean bullies here."

Guess where their parent was?  Can you guess?  Well, I'm still guessing.  Keep an eye on your kids, people.

Moral of the story - my girl is confident, relaxed and clever.  And I'm so PROUD.


Ky | TwoPretzels said...


#1. Go TNT. Way to handle your biz.

#2. NO parents? REALLY?

#3. I think it takes a village and therefore you should pushed them down the slide.

31derful said...

A BB Gun sharpshooter in the bushes might not be A bad idea for next time. I suggest LBJ!