Thursday, April 14, 2016

Back it up, back it in, let me begin....

We are pretty lucky in Toledo, OH to have such ample and wide parking spaces...not to mention mostly free or otherwise relatively inexpensive. Have you been to Chicago, NY or LA? My husband lived in Chicago while we were first dating and so I journeyed through the never-ending boringness of Indiana twice a month to see him. Traffic was....well, a nightmare for an Ohio gal. Parking was almost non-existent and while parking and walking with a travel bag in the summer is all fun and games, not so much in the winter. Gah!

Parallel parking in a big city is honestly something you could add to your resume under "superhuman skills." Pulling in backwards at a crazy precise angle into a space as big as a baby bassinet with cabs, Ubers, dogs, cats, road raged folks, and cyclists, is really no small feat. I digress as usual.

So! I was thinking about parking in a big open lot and wondering why people choose to BACK IN.  Here are my theories:
1) You are demonstrating that you have mastered reverse
2) Reverse in a manual VW is extra fun because you get to push down on the stick
3) If necessary, one could make a hasty escape from eminent danger - Jack Bauer style
4) Your parents were back in it people...wait.....not like that
5)  Your automobile is just that sweet that it needs the respect of facing out

Are you a backer in-er?   Try it today and see if you command more respect.

"Who you tryin' ta mess with ese? Don't you know I'm loco?"


Ky | TwoPretzels said...

People who back in are snobs.

31derful said...

Could be a safety thing too. It's Standard Operating Procedure on construction and many industrial sites. In case you need to get out fast!