Monday, March 28, 2016

And a I made a noise like this......

I hope everyone had a happy Easter!  We had a nice but busy day as usual visiting family, hunting for eggs, eating too much chocolate & kolbasz (alternating chocolate and kolbasz...), and watching Peepster having the time of her life running around with her cousins.

In between one of many stops, we landed near the Dave White Chevrolet in Sylvania.   A car sped into the lot and came screeching to a halt.  The car was barely stopped when out of the passenger side tumbled a woman.

She immediately leaned over and braced herself on the pole in the parking lot.  AND BARFED.  At 10:30 am.  This poor lady was just puking her guts out.  I could see her doing what looked like a standing cat/cow but I know all too well that forceful barfing motion.  She vomited for what seemed like 10 minutes.  That poor lady!

I could only assume she was pregnant, and then I thought....well, what if she is really  hungover?  Ha!  Or drunk still?  On the way to church perhaps?  Puking in the holy water font is probably frowned upon.

Thinking further about our barfing heroine, I wondered if Dave White's security cameras picked this up.  Monday morning the surveillance reviewer will get quite a little show.  Poor lady is probably going viral.   Or has a virus.  Or a baby.


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Michelle Powell said...

Hahaha hope it's a baby :) ~merp