Monday, November 16, 2015

Pizza Tour of Toledo: Maumee Bay Brewing Company

Maumee Bay Brewing Company, Downtown Toledo, in the Historic Oliver House
In the many times I have been to MBBC, I have never had the pizza, so we thought we would try it...
Crust - I thought the crust would be thinner.  It was pillowy, medium thickness.  Just average.  I like a thin or a really thick - the medium is just sort of well, average.  

Sauce - Needed more sauce.  It was light on the sauce and I should have asked for sauce on the side or for it to be saucier.  Sauce.  Tasted good though.  

Overall Pizza Score - I would say B.  It was nice pizza with fresh toppings and you can tell it is truly baked to order.  It didn't blow me away but it was good (how can pizza be bad?).

What did ya eat?  We ate with friends so on the table was a mushroom, onion and pepperoni pizza, then the classic Marghertia pizza and the third I think was sausage, pepperoni and artichoke (but I didn't get to that one so I cannot be sure).  I also had a side salad that was pretty nice - it had fresh veggies, a sprinkling of cheese, and romaine lettuce.  It's nice to be able to have a salad with your pizza.  Here is the kicker and their secret weapon as far as I am concerned.  THE GIANT PRETZEL!  Dear Lord, the giant pretzel.  This baby is house-made (probably by magic elves) and you can really tell.  It is soft, buttery and garlicy with a salt top but nothing is overdone.  All flavors compliment one another into a fantastic masterpiece pretzel.  BONUS:  it arrives with three ramekins of dipping sauces - beer cheese (yes please), whole grain mustard (ja wohl!), and cream cheese (die of happiness).   This pretzel is $15 but, honestly, I believe it is worth it. 

Other items of note -  This is wood-fired pizza, but it didn't seem to have that wood or smoke flavor to me.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I just thought it would be more obvious.  You cannot go wrong with a brewer's sampler as this place is, after all, a brewery.  They were out of a few flavors but we got the paddle and tried 6 brews.  We tried Ruchy's Revenge, Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout, and a few others that I didn't hear my husband order.  They were all mostly good.  I didn't get to sample the Blitzen or the Bourbon Barrel - there's always next time :)  List of beers here.  

Atmosphere - Downtown Toledo has a lot of history, and the Oliver Building has done a great job of cleverly adding eateries to it's structure.  I love all the exposed brick and wooden features.  Lighting and decor are nice and not overly done (hence, you don't get that "bar" feel, but a little more casual than a restaurant.  Nice mix.    
Service - Pretty good.  She was fast and nice.  I wanted some popcorn though....

Next stop:  Village Idiot (need a sitter for this stop....)

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