Thursday, August 27, 2015

M' Osteria review


M'Osteria has been on our restaurant list for some time now and we were able to check it off the list last week (or was it two weeks ago?).  I found out several things before we even started our meal.

1)  You say:  EM OSTA RIA, not MOIST AREA.  Much better and more appetizing.

2)  An OSTERIA refers to an Italian place serving simple wine and food.

Now that that's settled, on to the more important matter....the FOOD.

We ordered:
Osteria meatballs
Margherita Pizza

My thoughts?

-Meatballs were just ok - the sauce was excellent. Simple and not over garlicky or oily.  Great sauce, or gravy as my New Jersey family would say.

-Arancini was just incredible.  Something rich, creamy, savory, with a crisp crust that you would never have at home.  A real treat.  A+++++

-Pizza did not disappoint.  Handmade, thin and crispy crust with great flavor, fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection in that beautiful, wonderful oven that made the entire restaurant smell inviting.  Love it. Did not feel bad about eating my fair share of the pie.

Also had a Curious Traveler grapefruit shandy, which while delicious, a red wine may have paired better. But really?  Beer goes with everything in my opinion.

Would have liked to have seen a chocolate option on the dessert menu.   Interesting that there is only one option and I should have ordered it because if you only offer one dessert, it must be amazing.

Atmosphere was nice.  Relaxing and decor was well done.  Happy to see a downtown place with new life.  Service was a bit slow but we dined late on a Tuesday night and I am sure they we understaffed and truly I was just happy they were open that late.  No big deal to us.  All servers and staff were friendly though and that is always a huge plus in my book.

Next time I would like to try a sandwich and a pasta dish.  And the dessert :)  And wine.  And more pizza.

See menu here.

Great job Osteria.  Arrivederci!

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