Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Husband Perspective

My last post was in June you guys.


What is happening!!!???  We are busy.  Busy with a sweet peepster baby (toddler?!?!?) - I have no pics to upload right now so I will save her update for later.  For now, I will tell you the tale of just another day in my life.

The TJ Maxx on Airport is a little sketch - you know it is - but you shop there anyway.  Admit it.  I was on my way into the store when all of a sudden, a giant red SUV sped into the lot and I mean it was coming in HOT.  It came so close to me (and remember, I was on foot), that I am sure the driver of this vehicle did not see me.

As he squealed to a halt, I was about to yell at him when I noticed the immense bass and overwhelming treble along with a familiar melody from my grade school days.....

"It's so haaaaarrrrrrrrddddddd, to say gooooooooodbyyyyeeee......."


I looked at this car and noticed the license plate read "ROMEOO." Stop it.  Two Os?  Like some kind of bad Top Gun reference?  The plaque for the alternates is in the ladies' room.....
So Romeoo almost killed me to a Michael Bivins' song that everyone slow danced to in the 8th grade.
The moral of the story came to me when I recounted my pedestrian peril to my husband.  His reply?

"When you're in a Bell Biv DeVoe slow jam, it's hard to concentrate on anything else."

Husbands.   Making perspective simple for the rest of us.

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Kristin Brooks said...

I believe if the song you're referring to is "it's so hard to say goodbye", that gem was sung by Boys II Men :-)