Monday, June 8, 2015

ONE and other stuff

My sweet pea is ONE YEAR OLD!  I cannot take it!  She is literally the light of my life.  Let me just spread some joy to you as well.  I don't have any pics but will get some soon.  I am disorganized right now.  You guys know how it is. 

Big in the peepster world:
She ate her first cupcake.  Ha!  Well, she did.  She was a little timid to begin, but then got into it, chomping it and smearing icing all over her high chair like a baby VanGogh. 

But seriously, this baby can take steps on her own. She's walking.  How!?  When?!  We marvel at her greatness constantly.  She is wobbly and will take just a few steps on her own when distracted but she's determined. And funny.  And happy (and adorable, and perfect, and amazing......).
She can walk quite a distance holding on to bigger hands for guidance.  Which is my favorite. 

Other traits:
Her voice.  Her little voice is fun and babbling quite a bit now.  She is imitating sounds and her favorite word is NO!  I am not sure if she knows what it means, but she says it often and proudly and we adore it.  Lots of mamamamamamamama, and other things that sound like "shoes" or "yeah, I did," all incredible.  Better clean up my language and quick!

She can be LOUD which I am sure is no surprise to anyone reading this.  She laughs all the time.  What a sweet pea.  She loves to blow spit bubbles and slurp a lady.  Ha! 

She is the fastest crawler.  She will take off and zip away then stop, plop down and stare back, just to make sure we are looking.  Of course we are, baby. 

TNT has started to wave, a little, but the waves look more like saluting.  Pretty funny.

Clapping - still not so much.

Eating - cannot.get.enough.FOOD!!!  She loves all food.  Eats everything.  Wants all food.  Her transition to milk went perfectly.  She still loves her bottle and does not prefer a sippy cup.  Ce st la vie.  I am picking my battles. 

Sleeping great.  If she wakes up too early on the weekend or when I don't have to be into work until later, I pick her up out of her crib, bring her into the spare room with me and we both fall back to sleep.  Sue me.  It's the best time of my week.  She is so sweet.  SO SWEET.

This is an amazing baby.  She is happy and social and is good in public and at restaurants.  LOVES other kids.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  My sweet little peepster. 


Anonymous said...

Love those firsts! So fun!!😘

31derful said...

Thx for all the details! My only complaint is that there aren't 1000 more. But I get it. ;-) XO!

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

I smiled the entire time I read this! From the walking, to saying "shoes!" (or what sounds like shoes), to the babbling and the loudness (tee hee)...

We cannot wait, I mean, WE CANNOT WAIT, to see her. (And you.)