Monday, April 27, 2015

The Amazing Race: Read for Literacy

On Saturday, we did something a little different. 

We dressed up like the Blues Brothers and went on a 2-hour scavenger hunt in Maumee.  For charity.

Read for Literacy is a wonderful organization that hosted the Amazing Race event as a fundraiser - and how fun!  Not your normal thing.  It was a total blast!!!  We started out at the Pinnacle where we got our clues.  Each team got their packets and off went.  25 minivans tore out of the Pinnacle, each like a bat out of hell.

The clues were not terribly hard per se, but there were SEVENTY SEVEN of them...and they were sentence format.  I guess they were making us read..... 

Anyway, we went all over, performing ridiculous stunts, taking pictures with the correct clue numbers, asking strangers to help us with odd tasks and my favorite, pumping a stranger's gas. (!) I will give all the credit in the world to my friend on that one because he had the nerve to approach someone.  I would have just skipped that one.

We returned to the Pinnacle in the same fashion - bats out of hell - tires squealing - and onto dinner, drinks, silent and live auction while the judges counted our clues.   I seriously could not believe we didn't win.  We even counted our points at the bar later and decided that we were only a few points away and must have been 4th place.  Then we plotted our course for next year because we had maybe had a few cocktails and are overly competitive.  Just maybe.  Besides, we were the best dressed for sure and people sang SOUL MAN to us all night.  Pretty fun.  We did make the slideshow - take a peek here:

If you don't know about Read for Literacy, I would encourage you to take a look at the website and find out more.  This is a great organization that is working hard here in our community to support children and adults in their goal of literacy.  Pretty noble stuff.

Have you participated in a scavenger hunt as an adult?


31derful said...

Dad gave us good practice!!

Danielle Tracy said...

I need an invite for this next year!

Iris Took said...

@31deful YES he sure did. @Danielle Tracy - I will make sure you get the info. You should get a team together. It is so fun!!!!

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

This is fantastic. I love that you did this.