Friday, April 24, 2015

11 Month old Peepster

My little peepster is 11 months old.   She is even more amazing every month, every day, every minute.  Each month I look back and cannot believe how much she has grown, how much she has changed, before our eyes.  Making progress and learning by leaps and bounds.  My sweet pea, peepster.  My love.

Eating:  Oh man - this baby is the champion of all eating.  She.eats.everything.  Anything.  What a good girl!  Spinach?  Yes.  Eggplant?  Yep.  Mushrooms?  You bet!  It's so great.  Now that she's actually eating cut up food and not pureed food, she's like a living experiement.  That sounds bad.  But, I mean, she likes it all!  It's so cute to watch her pick up little chicken, little grapes and little pasta with her teeny little hands and SHOVE IT INTO HER MOUTH.  Such a lady :)

Sleeping:  Overall good!  She will sleep about 12 hours a night unless she is sick or just feels like being a pistol.  Napping is not that good.  She will nap for 5-120 minutes once or three times a day.  Ha!  We are not as consistent about naps as bedtime.  Such is life.

Teeth:  Bottom two have been alone for so long but the top ones are juuuuuust poking through now.  Whew!  What a champ.  TNT has been teething for - well basically her whole life - and handling it well. She gnaws on everything and drools a lot.   I do brush her little teeth with this teeny-weeny brush that has winnie the pooh on it.  It was a gift from my dentist and I think I can take her to the dentist soon!  So cute.

Walking:  We are almost there!  She cruises the ottoman, the couch, me, the chair, her wagon, whatever!  She's excited.  She will bounce on the floor and can actually stand up on her own but then doesn't know that she can take steps so she plops back down.  And laughs.  And LAUGHS!  

Personality:  Honestly - this girl kills me.  She is amused by her socks daily.  Today she actually stuffed her sock in my mouth.  And laughed.  And I laughed.  It was muffled because of the sock but man did I laugh.  She sticks her tongue out when the wind blows.  Like a dog.  Like the most adorable dog with the sweetest little tongue you have ever seen.  She loves bubbles and peek a boo and all the silly stuff.  She LIGHTS UP when someone walks into the room and says hi to her.  My social little sweetheart.  She is wonderful in restaurants and in the grocery store.  She is a bit on the loud side (ha!), but it's usually screams of delight and expression.  The crying usually only happens when I don't give her food fast enough or she dive bombs into something head first.  Whoops!

There is so much more - I will leave it for next time.  Everyday I thank the Lord for this wonderful angel of mine.  We could not be more proud or more blessed.  

Easter Time!

The tongue!

She is so curious about fabrics and textures.  Why, yes this is a leaf of Lorien.

Her friend, the Mouse.

Ponderous little Peeps.

Walking behind her Lion.  Bridget her babysitter calls this the "Bitter Beer Face."  LOL!

Cruisin' the ottoman.

How do you guys get these amazing pics with these on?  This was ripped off in two seconds.

But the orange!  She was in love with the little orange.

This is her favorite blankey.  You know you had one just like it.
Look what's next.......


31derful said...

An incredibly special, amazing, adorable little girl who puts a dazzling light in all of our lives...just like her mama. Love you, Eener!

Iris Took said...

thanks AJ! We love you.

Anonymous said...

So, so, so adorable!