Sunday, February 1, 2015

Taylor - 8 months old

What has my sweet little peepster been up to?

I know every parent probably thinks this, but GOD IS THIS BABY SPECIAL!  She just lights up my life and spreads joy to those around her.  I feel so blessed and lucky to have her in my life (and to be her mother!).  My precious little angel.

8 months somehow is upon us.  TNT is babbling up a storm.  I swear she really does make "words" sometimes.  She is so responsive and communicative and "sings" and laughs and yells.  It's adorable.

She is still an awesome eater and loves most things we give her;  favorites include sweet potato, chicken, noodle mix and apple/pear combo.  Green beans are moving to the bottom of the list as we incorporate more foods.

Peeps loves bathtime now and has a blast in her little tub kicking and splashing and yelling into the 30 year old Dinosaur cup (thanks for saving that mom!).  She does not mind when water gets in her eyes either - what a champ!

Taylor is doing well sleeping and enjoys a routine.  Naps are difficult for us to be consistent with but bedtime is always between 7:30-7:45pm and she usually chugs her bottle and then passes out on me.  Sigh.  It's the best.  Honestly the best part of my day other than when I get her out of bed in the morning (she is ridiculously happy and happy to see me in the morning.  She always wakes up singing and amusing herself - never crabby or out of sorts).

This baby is FUNNY.  Her facial expressions slay me.  I constantly laugh and smile when we play.  She lights up when you say hi to her and enter the room.  It melts your heart and I think about it all day.  My sweet pea.

Taylor goes with the flow.  I can take her to a restaurant or the store to to a friend's house, and she's just good.  She's loud.  She's a handful, but she's happy and fun.  She's great in the car now (weeeee!) too.

However, she does not like to be alone all the time.  She can play independently but mostly likes to be around people.  She loves her exersaucer but I have to bring it in the kitchen right by me so she will not feel alone.  She loves TV.  I feel like that's bad.  If it's on (and let's be honest, it's on a lot), she watches - she's just so interested in in.  Loves the phone too.  Everything's in her mouth!

TNT is on the move.  We need to also get movin' baby proofing this house.  She can roll all over in every direction, back and forth and has a great time doing it.  She can sit up from laying on her own now too.  Just this weekend, I noticed she is rocking on her hands and knees and was dragging her little self a bit like an army crawl.  She looked back at me and I clapped for her and she CRACKED UP.  Ahhh!!!  

I could and should write a ton more, but I have been pressed for time lately as you probably noticed (if anyone is still reading!), but that's all I can do today.  

My sweet little tiny little angel sweetheart baby is simply put, to me, perfect and the best gift I could have ever received.   


31derful said...

Oh my gosh. I miss her so much. Thank you for taking the time to post this. You made for a very happy aunt who now has a really full heart. Love you both!!

Michelle Powell said...

Those cheeks! Too cute! 😘

Wrestling Kitties said...

LOVE this post!!!

I love reading about her personality and how it is coming through in a big way. so awesome!

And that smile and face...just too much!

Isn't being a mommy just THE. BEST. sigh

Let us know this spring/summer if she is hanging out with you at the Zoo...Henry and I will be there!! (He loves babies too)