Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I spilled the beans

After a very long holiday season and a serious bout of the super flu (I am calling it that because I felt super awful), I finally felt a little better yesterday and was actually hungry.  For me, to not be hungry is a rare occurrence so the fact that I was so nauseated that I was not truly hungry for 5 days was a record.


I got back on track with my diet today so I felt like I had one chance to really choose one thing awesome to eat between saltines & soup and chicken & broccoli.  That's a lot of food pressure. 

Taco Bell?  I always crave the Bell.  I mean - does that hurt your stomach?  So, I racked my brain to think what the best thing there might be for a recovering stomach and I chose....


Yes, friends, that was my bright idea.

So, I got all excited, "One pintos and cheese please," I piped excitedly at the window.   These people probably know me and were confused because my order is usually much more extensive than that, but figured I was high on crack and also they are all 18 so everything is meh to them.  

I could not wait, and I decided to open my aromatic beans in the car at a stoplight for  The Gods of car eating were not kind to me as the beautiful bean styrofoam saucer slipped from my hand and splat on my lap and slithered in between my legs onto my car seat.

The light turned green. 

What was I supposed to do?  It was 5 degrees yesterday and if I am being honest, it sort of felt good on my lap becuase it was warm.  Until it wasn't and then it was nasty. 

The only saving grace, was that I didn't have my peepster with me.  I was able to get out of the car, get the carpet resolve, get my outfit in the washer immediately and clean off my black leggings which were smeared with beans on the crotch.  Nothing like beans on the crotch. 

Now, if that doesn't tell you not to eat something, I don't know what does. 

Happy New Year.

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31derful said...

You crack me up. And I very much appreciate it.