Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Holidays from the Peepster!

7 month old update in pictures for you.  Typical - this is the happiest, craziest, chattiest, loudest, funniest baby, but when I went totake a pics for our Christmas card last night, nothing.  She would not smile for anything!  I pulled out all the stops, silly noises, stupid faces, tickling.  Nothin.  Nothin.  Still so freaking cute though. 


Taken earlier in the day.  Squeeeeeze!

Baby and Daddy and a finished Christmas tree finally.  Please note her scottie pants.

Why so serious?

Full on awkward eye close for the camera
Not even looking

Ok, let's take a break, tights off, and have some fun

All I want for Christmas is a dry face

I saw this in a magazine - thought it would look so cool.  Probably not safe.

Aaaaaand, eat it!

Is is the best one I got in terms of happy baby face


Anonymous said...

Peeeeeeeeeeepster!!!!!! she did not care about the photo shoot but she's still so cute! porkchop peepster!

aunt bob

ErikaJean said...

She is too cute! I like the snowflake one!!

31derful said...

I'll take an 8x10 of each!!

Amy said...

I LOVE the pic of her eating the lights because you see hands reaching in to grab them.. LOL!

Wrestling Kitties said...

I cannot believe she is 7 1/2 months old already!!

She looks so awesome to be around :-)

And she is so stink'n cute!