Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear Santa...

The Peeps did awesome!  No tears and no spit-up on Santa (thank God), but no smiles either.  Again, if we could have seen Santa at 6:15am, there would have been smiles.....Maybe it's her Christmas outfit?

This Santa was like the real Santa.  He was kind and warm and LOVED Taylor.  He took his time (again thank God there was no one else in line) and we really enjoyed ourselves (clearly because we all got photos with him).

Here we go!

How cute is he?

Santa brought Taylor right up and held her like she was his own

The Peeps was very serious

She grabbed his beard and he just laughed HO HO HO (I died!  it was so cute)

He took off his hat and placed it on her little head.  It was so touching.  It really was.

She has been doing this thing - she opens her mouth wide but it's not a yawn or a scream.  Just a big, wide open mouth. 

The Santa face smush.  MELT!

At least Santa's smiling

Aunt Ashlee

I love Santa's face here.  He gave TNT a candy cane.  That perked her up a bit.

Santa and the Mustache have the same....well, Mustache!

Grandma Dom!

Our Family

Same Mustache!  HAHA!

There's a smile!
Here's the face.  This is my favorite pic of the entire day!  AMAZING!!!


Anonymous said...

So so cute!! Merry Christmas TNT!

Amy said...

AW I love this santa! He's seems like he was the BEST! - Cousin Amy

Wrestling Kitties said...

SO adorable!!!

That last picture cracked me up :-)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!