Sunday, October 5, 2014

That 70s Food

About once a month or every two I get together with a group of friends for a potluck type dinner known to us as...

The Hili Cock Off.

Now, this was the chili cookoff at one point but you cannot limit food lovers to just chili and let's just say there was a drunken incident with a bar sign labeled "chili cook off."  After we left, the hili cock off was born. 

And it stuck. 

It's a rotating party that we each host. Themes have included chili (of course, and we usually do this annually), Olympics, America, Shark Week (that was fun!), Chopped style including 3 must include ingredients and the most recent...70s. 

Immediately my brain went to jello and those copper tins that hang on the kitchen wall at the cottage. Fondue ?  What else? I did some research and it seemed everything iconic from the 70s was bad processed food. Tang anyone?

So -the hubs whipped up a cheese log which was amazing and we displayed it on a plate that was from my grandma's house (very 70s).  I decided on my mom's famous "watergate" salad which is hardly salad but rather a dessert of pistachio pudding, cool whip and pineapple topped with marshmallows.  It's delicious.  Plus the name alone fits the theme.  " I am not a salad!"  Lol. 

People got so creative!  Our hosts put out an incredible spread of traditional cheese fondue (that I devoured! Seriously devoured) but added more toppings/dippers like sausage, crudités, apples and bread cubes of course. I will admit to you that I dunked a cheese cube in the cheese.  And I don't regret my decision. 

The green jello with cabbage and mayo in the copper tin (!) made an appearance but I was too busy stuffing my face with fondue to try that.  Cheese Wiz and crackers, quiche, pretzel jello (another mom dish that I love) rounded out our festive feast. 

To drink we had a rainbow sherbet punch and someone found Matuese, the official rose Wine of the 70s. It tasted like old church wine to me. Somehow I still drank my entire glass and enjoyed it.  My mouth was as dry as the Sahara afterward. 

70s food is back to the basics - reminds you of what your mom or in our cases grandma cooks. 

Try an era for your next Hili. It's pretty fun!

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