Friday, October 3, 2014

I give up

Everyday Health posted a list of what to do to keep your weight off.  I got all excited (like I do for every list that promises to help you lose or keep your weight off) and then I read it.

  1. Build more lean muscle.   Ok - If I'm being honest - I'm not really doing this right now.  I don't really feel like getting up at 5am to build lean or non lean muscle because I need my rest.  That's a goal for maybe next month.  Or next year.
  2. Fight off hunger with more filling foods. Oh, really?  Should I eat fruits and veggies?  Pschht!  Tell me something I don't know!
  3. Avoid temptation. Yes, we know about this too!  Come on!  I don't keep anything good in my house for that reason. 
  4. Count calories.  Duh.  Seriously - I have journaled, Fit Bitted, WWed.  What else is there?  They noted that most women who are successful eat 1800 or less.  I'm at 1200.  What's happening?
  5. Plan your meals in advance.  Sure.  I pack my lunch the  night before every day and have my dinner planned as well.  Not rocket science. 
  6. Consider adding minutes to your exercise plan. That's why I got the fitbit!  I really like it too - I like to be able to push myself and get the extra steps. 
  7. Measure your portions.  Measuring cups, and tablespoons and food scales, oh my!
  8. Weigh yourself daily. Nope!  Cannot.  I won't do this to myself.  I do, however, need to be a part of a weight loss program where someone ELSE weighs me at least weekly.  I need to be accountable somehow.  Also it helps when you pay them.  For me anyway. 
  9. Include dairy in your diet. Unsweetened almond milk.
  10. Let your plate be your guide. Thank you Michelle Obama.
  11. Watch less TV.  Who has time for TV?!?!
  12. Eat breakfast. That's why I get up in the am - well, that and my little peepster :)
I think they forgot:
13)  Avoid having cash in your car and never, ever drive by Taco Bell or any Ice Cream stands. 
14)  Stop looking at food porn on pinterest and cooking shows on TV Network
15)  Win the lottery so you can spend your feelings, not eat them

Weight loss was hard BEFORE the baby, now with a husband working nights and weekends, working myself full time, and a long commute to and from work - it's even harder.  BUT!  I will prevail.....right after this cookie (jk, jk.....sobs to self).....


Wrestling Kitties said...

OH MAN. I hear ya!!

I KNOW what I need to do and what I don't need to do.

I know that when Terry and I went to the Andersons we shouldn't have had Tony Packos and then each get a cookie, and a croissant, and then a Bill Knapps cake and then eat the cookie and a piece of cake in the same day.

I know I should probably wake up at 5am and workout.

I know that I shouldn't have bread all the time because I love bread products.

I know fries are my downfall and I shouldn't order them at all because I will NOT just eat a few.

I know I shouldn't grab the chips when I am stressed since I have been majorly stressed for over a year now.

I know I should get off my ass instead of watching 2 episodes of Lost in the evening.

I know I shouldn't love cooking and eating as much as I do.


Ever since Henry was born Terry has worked evenings AND weekends too. Now he is on third shift so part of the week and every other weekend our schedule is like this:

Henry wakes up between 5:30-6:15 (UGH!), I get him ready for school and I pass Terry as he is getting home from work at 7:45am. Then I drop off Henry and go to work all day. I get home from work at 5:30, T leaves at 6, I put henry to bed around 8:30 and then I take a couple hours for myself.

I tend to eat whatever I make Henry to eat because it is just easier. I refuse to get up before 5:30 to workout and I am so exhausted from the day that working out at 9pm sucks. I try to workout with henry and take walks, but the kids is usually exhausted from school (yep, play school is tough! ;-) ) that he is a bit of a crank and doesn't always cooperate. (Case in point on a walk with Henry and I am pulling him in his wagon. Mommy, stop I want to see that bug. Mommy stop, I want to show you something. Mommy slow down. Mommy go faster. Mommy why are you walking. Mommy, I want to ride my bike, go home.)

I need some motivation. There needs to be a place to help working moms get healthy for free, right?!?! ;-)

I am so not happy with my weight. Nearly the biggest I have been :( And now it is holiday time. Which means comfort food and family meals and treats and more stress. UGH.

Good luck to you!!! I seem to be lacking in the motivational department, so sorry about that! ;-)

Do you like the fitbit? I have thought about getting one to help. I am also going on a diet after this week....because well family is in town and we are celebrating two birthdays so that means cake this week :)

Iris Took said...

Yes Jenn- you feel my pain. It's just so sad that food really and seriously makes me happy. I love to grocery shop, I love to cook, I love to watch shows about cooking. AH!

Even though I really do eat healthy MOST of the time (not saying there are not times when I freak and eat a ton of pizza and ice cream...because I DO), I still struggle with the constant putting it on and taking it off.

I never seem to be happy.

I like the idea of moms lose weight for free :)

and YES! I love the Fitbit - I think it keeps me honest a little. Before I would think - hey I worked 13 hours, I can eat whatever I want, when in actuality, one trip to KFC would ruin that. SOOOOO, you gotta pick your battles. It has a calories in vs calories out graph that I really like. Let me know what you decide!