Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Jeff!

My Pizza Tour Buddy -


To a wonderful friend that survived selling not only DT and me our house but also selling the famed and prized Woodmont; one which had a lot of sentimental to our family value...THANK YOU!

Not every realtor can quote Dumb and Dumber at the drop of a hat (but they should be able to - they would sell more houses, that's for sure).

Not every friend can join in for my extensive love of pizza and Wixey's treats, especially without judgement but also immense excitement (VP is next!).

Not every friend appreciates silly, weird humor that all surrounds 80s TV and movies.

Not every friend buys you the same birthday gift you got for them (in the form of candy corn and peanuts).

Not every friend appreciates TOLEDO like you do!! 

Have a wonderful - pesto free - BIRTHDAY!!!!

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