Saturday, September 13, 2014

This line please

My commute to and from work has increased significantly now since we moved to Sylvania.  This past winter was horrible, just horrible for the commute, but I borrowed DT's 4-wheel drive and he has Sirius so I listened to Pearl Jam radio or Howard Stern every day.  Totally awesome.

Now the drive to work in the am takes about 30 minutes and I usually listen to the local talk radio.  The way home?  Ugh.  45 minutes.  It just absolutely kills me not to be doing something constructive during this time.  I catch up on my phone calls, but let's face it, unless you have hands-free, it's not that safe to be always on the phone.  Another thing - I talk ALL DAY LONG at work.  Sometimes, I need a break.

BOOKS ON TAPE.  Thanks for the suggestion CMC.

Yes!  This is perfect.  I will start educating myself whilst driving home!  This is the answer.

So I downloaded something last week that sounded interesting and thought I might learn something.  It was titled "Strategy" or something like that.  I was half-asleep when I selected it and it was on sale - boom!  Plus, it featured a bamboo-style woodwind soundtrack.  YES.

On my way home from work the next day, I started my Strategy session.  Music, fantastic.  The narrator's voice, soothing but not so soothing it would put me to sleep.  This is the best day of my life.

I started to notice the narrator talking about swords and bows and the enemy.  I just figured it was a metaphor, because you know, all smart people speak in metaphors.    The next day on the way home I came to realize, that these were hardly metaphors  -  this is a training session on how to use your swords in combat.  WHAT!  Combat!  The narrator was talking about striking down your enemy, mortally, and how to strike to segregate the hands, legs, and head.  UHHHHHH.......

But yet.....I continue to listen.

Then something else occurred to me.  I bought DT a set of Samurai swords for Christmas.


I guess the next time we fly, I'll be hearing, "Ma'am, this line please....."

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Stash said...

What a fun family sport - Medieval swordplay!

Thrust, parry, riposte, and slash!
The holidays will be a bash!!!

Behave you children, behave you two,
Lest I take action, and skew you through.

Slice the turkey! carve the ham!
I'm a swordsman, Yes I am!