Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pizza Tour of Toledo: Mancino's

Mancino's Pizza, Airport highway 
I was not expecting much - I don't know why, but holy Moses, this was incredible pizza!  Mancino's is a division of Amy's and I love Amy's as I love Gino's. Here we go....
Crust - This is some of the best crust.  Medium thickness, cooked through and crispy on the edges.  Cheese goes almost ALL THE WAY TO THE EDGE.  Fantastic.
Sauce - I am a fan of a pizza with thick and plentiful, rich sauce.   This is like Amy's and Gino's but just a little different. 
Overall Pizza Score - A+., just amazing pizza. We were trying to decide our favorite last night among our stops on the PTT and I really would rank Mancino's almost tied with J&Gs. They are both excellent but different in their own ways. 
What did ya eat?  Oh man. This is what's fun about dining with a group. You have options. We ordered the award winning 2002 - a pizza with a white butter garlic sauce that reminded me of a ricotta filling in lasagna (yum) topped with tomatoes and maybe spinach?  It was insanely good.  SO garlicy and delicious.   Next, the Mancinos Pride - I am forgetting everything on this pizza because my mind was so blown - pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper (we omitted because blech), onion and bacon.  Stop the press.  So good.  Plus, the grinders looked so good (and they are called Mancino's Pizza AND Grinders - so we had to).  We ordered the pizza and a chicken parm grinders.  These were both decent - but in the face of blow-me-down pizza, they were just ok.  I don't love toasted bread (sue me) and I thought they both needed more sauce (because that sauce is too good to be true).
Other items of note -  Great price!  For all that and 3 fountain drinks I think the bill was only $40 including tip.  You order at the counter and they bring it out to you - it's pretty quick.  Staff was extremely friendly and they loved my baby so EXTRA points to Mancino's staff.
Atmosphere - Much like Gino's and Amy's - it is nothing spectacular in there, but again, no one cares!  The pizza is what you are there for!  It was clean though and I did think the black and white checkered table tops were sort of novel.  I liked the music paraphernalia on the walls. 
Service - Nice, friendly staff that has been there for a long time.  Loyal.  LIKE BABIES :)

I am absolutely craving this pizza now.  I wish it was closer to my house and/or work so I could mow this za more often.  Fantastic.  No wonder you are the winner of the People's Choice Pizza Palooza many years in a row.  Great job, Mancino's. 

Next stop on the PTT - We are deciding.  Maybe making a road trip to Myles in BG.  Talked about giving Inky's another whirl (but I don't want to go back).  Still Village Idiot......and....don't judge me....I am DYING to try that soft pretzel pizza from Little Ceasar's.  It's just....well...I LOVE soft pretzels, nacho cheese, and pizza.  Is it possible that it's bad???

Until next time. on the Pizza Tour of Toledo....

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Wrestling Kitties said...

Yes, come to Myles!!

I would be interested on your thoughts and the burnt cheese of a big 'o pizza! :) We get pepperoni and green pepper. Perfect combination of you ask me. And then their tomato bread is pretty good.

Beware....it is SO MUCH BREAD! ;-)