Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Family Fast-Forward

This morning on Bob & Tom, comedian  Shane Mauss was featured discussing things like breaking both his feet and living with his parents, specifically watching Game of Thrones with them.   I was laughing so hard during this discussion about watching full frontal nudity on the couch with this guy's mom.  He noted that he is 35. 

Tom asked (or was it Chick) what was happening during all the graphic sex scenes and Shane mentioned that it just got really quiet.  Someone said - did your mom go make popcorn - for 15 minutes - because that's how long the whorehouse scenes are.

Just dying laughing.

Being one of three girls, we watched a lot of great movies as kids.  But, a lot of great movies have sex scenes in them and not all movies we watched could have been taped from TV on VHS to shelter us from the horrid scenes that make us all cringe. 


What do you do?  Popcorn is one, great, buttery solution.  The Dandar family eats at TON of popcorn still to this day.  The other solution?  Just call it what it is...

Family Fast-Foward.

That's what we do.  Still to this day.  Top Gun?  Great movie - but really - that one scene that ruins it all for everyone.  Family Fast-Forward.  What about Indiana Jones?  When they are on the boat?  It's not that intense, but uncomfortable enough.  Family Fast-Forward.  Let's not forget when we were all watching Walking Tall with the Rock on Christmas Day and there was a strip-tease scene.

Family Fast-Forward.

It's the right thing to do.  And now we can all laugh about it.  And eat your popcorn too. 


Wrestling Kitties said...

HAHAHA! Love this

I have to remember the family fast-forward.

We usually sit in awkward silence, which I can not do for long so then I will say some sort of sarcastic remark to break the tension. :)

I like the popcorn idea though ;-)

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

I wholly support Family Fast Forward. I specifically utilize this when watching Love Actually with a niece or nephew. Oh man. Love that movie, but the porn actors kill me.