Friday, August 8, 2014

Does inserting your foot into your mouth burn calories?

I have a new attitude.  Trying new things.  Making it happen. I'm a doer.  BOOM.
So today, I decided to work out on my lunch hour.  Not take a stroll after lunch, but workout.  I was inspired by some clients that said they pump up the jam everyday in their conference room.  What?  Every day?  And then go back to work?  Stinky?  Sweaty?   They just said they use dry shampoo, baby wipes, and powder.  Well, I never!

Armed with a mini DVD player and the original P90 Tony Horton special, I went to a meeting room that was not booked today.  I changed into my extra-expensive target workout gear quickly and got down to business.  Halfway through I thought, holy crap....I am doing this!  Making a change!  I can do this!  I don't even care if someone comes in and sees my body parts jiggling.  I am in BEAST MODE!

All of a sudden a co-worker comes in (and witnesses aforementioned beast mode), and asks if I mind if a nursing mother comes in to feed her baby.  Of course I don't mind, I say!  If she doesn't mind that I'm in here, I say.

Well nursing mom comes in and I say a breathy hello.  I mention in between jab-cross-hook-uppercut that I'm a new mom too and it's my first week back to work.  Keep in mind I'm sporting spandex.  Not good.

She smiles and sits down.  Like a normal person.  I continue.  Like a weirdo.  "Glad we could find a space for you.  Hope you don't mind me."  This is the worst...."I won't look."


Now, this lady is probably writing a story about me somewhere saying something creepy to her.  I mean, I'm a mom for God's sake!  Pull it together!

Gah!!!  I won't look.  Ugh!  Shoot me. 

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