Friday, August 15, 2014

August 15 - TNT is 3 Months old today

My little sweetheart baby is 3 months old today!  THREE MONTHS OLD!

Here's the scoop:

She's adorable.  All day, all night.  Happy, crying, it's all adorable. 

On going back to work
I went back on August 4th and the first few days were not that bad.  Everyone at work was so nice and welcoming, happy to see me.  I think I was in shock.  Also, my mom was at home with Taylor so I wasn't worried about what was happening at home.  Plus I knew if I was a few minutes late getting home it was not a big deal. 

Week two was a different story.  We have a great situation and send TNT to a sitter in our neighborhood.   Taylor gets to "socialize" with a few other kids and gets a lot of love from an experienced mom in a really nice home.  I know the families but they are not my family.  I feel comfortable.  Plus, I get pictures and updates throughout the day which made me feel good that Taylor is being loved and well cared for (even if it's not from me).....oh no, that is making me sad even to type.  Sigh.....ok....  Here are a few pics from the sitter.
I love this one - She's right at home with her friends. Look at her gripping her dress.  She loves to hold on to anything she can get her little hands on!

The text to me said "helping make lunch."  I replied - must take after her chef daddy.  :)

This also melted my heart.  Look at my little sweetheart being so serious and "reading."

How is she sleeping?
Common question - for the most part, TNT can sleep from 10pm-6am.  She can.  That does not mean she will all the time.   If she sleeps that stretch, we are good to go.  If not, she will wake up at 3 or 4 am and just solidly refuses to go back to sleep.  So, when we hear her at 3am, we know we are up. 
She loves the sleep sack.  I love the sleep sack - she wriggles out of blankets and swaddles.  Perfect.

How is she eating?
This little beast loves to eat.  She is hungry every three hours on the nose and sometimes a little before.  Perhaps that is because of all the spit up.  You guys, there is so much.  It's constant.  This little baby lives in a bib or else she would be soaking wet all the time.  The back of her hair is crusty most of the time (I wash and brush her hair often, but it's still crusty from the dried spit up).  Poor little lamb.  The doc says that spitting up and acid reflux are the same thing.   I have been advised to try Mylicon drops and then switch her to a soy based formula.  The doc was great.  His question, "Do you really want to medicate a baby?"  I don't yet, so we will try other things.  I just don't want her to be uncomfortable.

This spit up went over my shoulder and hit the floor.  Daily activity.  We will need stanley steamer soon - our whole house smells like spit up.
What else?  Well I could go on and on but as you know, my time is short.  Here are a few more pics of the Peepster that I took this week.  Love her so much!  Thanks for reading :)

3 month PJs - getting a little small!!!

TNT loves windows, lights and fans.  She laughs and smiles when I have her on this changing table as she looks outside.

This is the bouncy seat that she slept in for her first two weeks.  She's almost too big for it now.  It's happening before our eyes!
I love to snuggle up with her and read a book.  Here we are reading baby animals in Spanish (yes, that's Christian Bale as Batman in the background).   Look at the eyelashes :)

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