Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TNT - 2 Month update

It's been 2 months since this little angel appeared into our lives and every day I thank God for her.  Yesterday we visited the doc and I thought you would just love to know how she is doing!

23 inches / 75th percentile
11 lbs. 14.5 oz / 80th percentile
15 in. (head) / 50th percentile

Poor little TNT had to get her 2 month shots yesterday also, and she took it like a champ (proud parent moment).  But the look on her little face was heartbreaking as she was getting the immunizations.  It took her a second to realize what was happening and then....silent cry, red face!! She recovered well though and was a good baby the rest of the day.  24 hours later, still no fever and she slept decent through the night.

Bandaids on the legs AWWWW!!!!

2 Month photo shoot!  How do people get such great photos?  She does not care about posing...(still cute though).

Baptism Day - Holy TNT!


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Michelle Powell said...

Oh my gosh Een she is soo cute! It looks like her hair is coming in reddish?? Does she look just like you did as a baby? Adorable! And the shots are the worst. You'd think with medical technology by now they could just give them in a yummy syrup! Poor thing!