Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TNT 7 week update

Hopefully everyone had a great 4th! Here are some TNT updates for you!

Favorite recent pic. That face! This was after bathtime....which she does not exactly love but is clearly happy after. With all that hair, she needs a bath often!

How's she eating you might ask? LIKE A CHAMP. She loves to eat and really gets down on it. She spits up a lot too. Which is fun (aka disgusting) but when you are a new mom, everything your baby does is cute. Even spit up. Dirty diapers are debatable. Feeding/nursing post later. Or maybe not at all. Sigh.

How is she sleeping you are wondering? Pretty well for a 7 week old! She has sleepy times and fussy times like a normal baby (I feel like I have those times as well) and usually now she can sleep from 11p-7a with only waking once at night to feed. She usually goes back to sleep at night. Usually. We are sleeping a bit more too but still not that much. What's that you say? I forgot to add soap to the dishwasher again? Standard.

Is she a good baby? This is a favorite question from the masses. I always say yes, but I have no comparison. But I can tell you I love her so much that I sing silly songs, talk in a weird voice and already have a million nicknames for her. Never thought I would do any of that. But here I am....listening to Baby Einstein pandora and loving it.

See? Don't you just love her?

I still want to tell you more about the birth but I need a laptop. More on that later. Thanks for sticking with me as my posts have been sporadic, but I'm busy with the best job I've ever had.

Just in case you need to hear what our squeaky pig (aka the peepster, peepers, or baby pie) sounds like...here she is;



Michelle Powell said...

It is the hardest job and the best job;)
Xoxo ~merp

Wrestling Kitties said...

Oh my gosh, I seriously want to eat her up. She is adorable!!

I am glad to hear everyone is doing well!!! Sleeping 8 hours with 1 feeding...Awesome!!

And no apologies, I still have a hard time finding time to blog and Henry is 3 :-)

I feel I must see you and meet your adorable little one!