Tuesday, May 6, 2014

38 Week Update

OK Guys - 38 weeks and a few days!  Here's the scoop!

How are you feeling?
This is the big question.  Everyone asks (which is polite).   I don't like to give everyone the rundown of my exact feelings/aches/pains, but since you opted to come to this space and read, I'll treat you.
Basically, I feel good.  Daytime I have a great amount of energy and for that I am thankful.  I am still doing my daily yoga, pilates and walking and think that is helping and still eating well.  For the most part.  I would be lying if I said my Friday night dinner was not 2 hard tacos, pintos & cheese and a diet Pepsi from Taco Bell.  I just had to.  It was WORTH IT.   Mentally though, I feel semi-ready  and am so excited to meet this baby.  My baby.  Our baby.  WOW!    I think I am snoring like a champ and most nights I get great sleep because I am so tired (I travel from bed, then the guest bed, and sometimes the couch).

Plus I am anxious.  Someone I know was due the day after me and she just had her baby.  I sent her a message and she replied...and I am not joking..... "My vagina is a reck."  I was not sure what was more upsetting.  The vaginal declaration or the misspelling.  Double-whammy. 

What does the Doc say?
Last week she said I was not dilated but thinning out (I have never heard that from a doc!).  We did not talk about scheduling seriously at this point.  I bet on Thursday we will.  She said baby is head down (yay) and looking good.  NST and AFI look normal.

Are you still working?
Yes.  People do not understand this.  They think I should be home resting.  However, I like to keep busy otherwise I would just spend all my money that I should be saving on Amazon and Taco Bell runs (read: eating and online shopping).  Not good.  However, I worked a long day on Saturday physically and paid for it on Sunday.  I was so tired I actually took three naps.  Shrek feet.  Phew! 

How about the comments?
At this time passers-by just cannot help comment on my physical stature.  Not two minutes ago, a co-worker yells from across the parking lot - "YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO EXPLODE."  Not helpful.

Costco, Sunday.  Woman I have not seen in 25 years -"Are you having twins?"  No, I'm just due in 2 weeks.  "Really?  I think it's twins."   Because you are an ultrasound tech?

Husband's restaurant.  Random person.  "Do you have high blood pressure?  You just look so swollen."  Oh ok, well that's because you know me so well!     DUMB!  Not helpful.

Another person told me (on three separate occasions) about someone's baby (so this is FOAF status) whose collarbone broke on the way out.   Three times.  Are you trying to scare me?  Not helpful.  Thank God someone else told me this is common and babies heal themselves.  Nothing to worry about.  That WAS helpful.

Most people are incredibly nice and supportive (it's the negative stuff makes for better writing and funnier stories).  I cannot believe how many people I hear from on a daily basis and how nice it is to be able to talk frankly to those people that are close to me.  People that GET IT.  Thank you to those people.

What are your daily activities?
At this point, I am just basically working, going to the doctor and watching Donton Abbey.  No more washing clothes or shopping or reading baby books.  Just waiting.......


Wrestling Kitties said...

38 WEEKS!!!!!


I am so excited for you! I have to say about this time is when I got anxious as well. You are just so close, how can you NOT just want to hold your little one.


I worked up until the day before I had Henry. I went in wednesday for my appointment, two days before my due date. I anticipated I may not be back, but when I was there we talked and decided to induce and sent me home for a few hours and said to go to the hospital around 5! Those three hours by myself at home were so weird!!! Everything was done and I am sitting on the couch like, WE ARE HAVING A BABY!! haha :-) Loved it.

I seriously cannot (but then again I can) believe people say those things! Ridiculous. I hated when people said those kinds of things! But yes, they are funny to tell others :-)

I am thinking about you guys and cannot wait to hear when your little one is here!!!

Iris Took said...

Thanks WK - I appreciate the well wishes!! Can't wait to give you the update!!!