Thursday, May 8, 2014

24: Live Another Day

Jack's BACK!   Just in time for maternity leave, Jack Bauer is BACK to entertain us with running, swearing, shooting, fighting, and general ass-kicking.  It doesn't get much better than this.

If you recall, I will review 24 on a weekly basis in a format such as this

Here we go.

1)  Fighting - check.  Shooting - check.  Swearing - I don't think I heard any...DAMMIT!  ASS-KICKING?  You know it.  Should be a good season.

2)  I like Heller as President, but I think we know this will be short lived. 
3)  Audrey Raines is marred to another guy and doesn't know about JACK! ?  Dislike.
4)  Chloe looks crazy and like a member of the Ramones.
5)   The signal built into Jack's wrist?  HARD CORE!
6)  Did they have to mention Kim?  She messes up EVERYTHING, EVERY TIME!
7)  Benjamin Bratt....not sure I trust him.  But he is the obvious bad guy.  We'll see.
8)  What's going on in Afghanistan?  Drone take over?
9)  Uma Thurman style adrenaline to the heart.  BOOM!
10)  "I don't have any friends."  YOU GOT ME JACK!!!!

I have to watch the next hour tonight.  I just get so EXCITED!!!  Welcome back JACK!

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