Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Subway- eat fresh?

I know it seems like all my stories revolve around food, but what can I say.....

Today I went to Subway for lunch and was very interested in the other patron's orders.  This person in front of me ordered:

Footlong turkey
Flat bread
Light Lettuce
Extra pickle
Extra mayo

The mound of mayo was just so intense.  It just kept going.  The sandwich artist asked "good?" about 3 three times before this mayo connoisseur was satisfied. 

Now, if you were to dare me, DARE me to eat that mayo sandwich, I just don't think I could.  This is no exaggeration, I am certain there was about 1 full cup of mayo on this sandwich.  8 ounces.  That's half a pint.  Gag!

I'm not judging because I could win an ice cream eating challenge (also a cheese eating contest), but mayo?

Are you turned off by certain foods? 

I have to admit though, every time the may comes out of that tube and makes the pppppbbbbttthhbbttt farting noise....I laugh.  Then gag.

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