Monday, April 28, 2014

Restaurant Review: Famous Dave's

Sunday nights are usually our dinner out nights as we are both off work.  Restaurant selection on the Sabbath is not exactly the best so we have to get creative and don't often eat at chains (plus our favorite Beirut is closed on Sundays), however, since neither of us had ever eaten at Famous Dave's and it sounded good, we tried it.

Great parking, and you immediately smell barbecue and smoke before you enter.  That's a good sign. 

The restaurant itself was cute - with wood wainscot paneling and lots of "lake" decor and fishing stuff...which I love.  Our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable...and it was only her 2nd day!

What we ordered:

Appetizer:  Burnt Ends
These are supposed to be the tips of the brisket.  I was hoping for them to be more burnt, and found them a bit too fatty.  Highlight of the dish for me were the onion straws and "hell fire" pickles.

Georgia Chopped Pork for me
This was a mound of pulled pork atop a huge buttered slice of Texas toast accompanied by two sides of my choosing - I selected the firecracker beans (Green Beans w bacon - deli-sh) and Mac N Cheese.  The Mac N Cheese was a bit spicy and had corn in it!  I never eat Mac N Cheese at home so this little side dish was truly like a heaven sent cheesy treat. Corn bread muffin was as good as any cupcake I have ever had.

To me, one of the fun parts of BBQ is all the sauce that you can try.
Texas Pit and Rich N Sassy were my favorites.  Wilbur's Revenge was so hot, I had to mix it with another sauce to tolerate it.  Great flavor though!

Ribs N Meat for Danny
Ribs and meat plus two sides in this meal.  I had to take a picture.  I just had to. 

This is no joke.  This sausage was easily as long as my forearm from fingertip to elbow.  That's about 14 inches people.  The color?  The shape?  I was dying laughing.  I know it's immature, but it was just so HUGE.  Ribs were pretty good and the sausage was, no surprise, delicious.  Beans and slaw great accompaniments.   Every meat had a great but not overpowering smoky flavor.

I would definitely go to Dave's again or get it take out at least.  I took more than half my meal home so you get huge portions.  Get the sausage when you go.  If nothing else, just for the shock of the size.

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