Monday, April 14, 2014

Pizza Tour of Toledo

Two very different places but both good!

5th St. Pub, Perrysburg
Crust - thin and crispy, new york style, edges peeking out but not too much.  Delicious.  One pizza's edges were slightly burnt, but I bet some people like that.
Sauce - great flavor, I am sure homemade.  I would like more on the pizza (because I am saucy that way).
Overall Pizza Score - I give it an A. 
What did ya eat?  Appetizers - Arancini (Goat cheese wrapped in risotto, breaded and flash fried) was incredible and the Fried Polenta?  I need more of that in my life.  Pizza - I honestly cannot remember which ones we ordered but one was more basic with sausage and that was the better of the two.  The other had too many items on it - artichokes sort of over did it for me.  However, everything was excellent and you can tell that they take their time and order top-quality ingredients.
Other items of note -  Great bar area and a gorgeous Mosaic tile brick oven right in the place so the pub smells incredible right when you walk in.  Nice drink menu but also features  PBR in cans and mason jars if you prefer a glass.
Atmosphere - If you had ever been into this location before when it was Peppercorns, you would not think it could possibly be the same space.  Peppercorns was dank and old, and the remake is fantastic with some old charm touches.  However, personally, I hate sitting at high tops and the chairs were incredibly uncomfortable since my feet don't touch the rungs and I am so pregnant that I look like an idiot getting up onto a stool.   Thank God I was wearing pants....Also, there was a magician that approached us while we waited. He was an odd fellow, rumpled suit and carried a leather doctor sort of bag, but I sort of enjoyed his performance.  He lingered a little too long.  Awkward. 
Service - Pretty good.  Our waitress was a girl in her 20s, prompt and knowledgeable but didn't interact that much with us.  Not a lot of menu suggestions but I guess we seemed like we didn't need it (I looked at the menu for two weeks before we went!).

ZaZas, Toledo
Crust - Thin.  Could have been crispier and not a lot of edge (I always like that). 
Sauce - Nothing special.   It was ok.
Overall Pizza Score - I would give it an B.  I would want to maybe give it an A in it's category because it was almost like fast food (and I was impressed), but compared to 5th st and J&Gs, I cannot give it an A. 
What did ya eat?  We ordered the Mediterranean pizza that comes with Fresh ground beef, kalamata olives, Feta cheese, fresh tomato and oregano.  I liked it and one pizza would be fine for two people to split, however you know we have to order other menu items.   We also ordered grape leaves that were decent but the gold standard is Beirut so they did not compare.  Also Fattoush but it was mostly lettuce and the dressing was very lemony so it took some getting used to.  I did like it though and the pita chips in it were perfect.
Other items of note - The smell of wood fire smacks you in the face when you walk in so much so that I was positive I would smell like a campfire when I left.  This is a great pizza for the price.  They also offer desserts which I did not take advantage of.  Maybe next time.
Atmosphere - It's in a strip mall so you cannot expect that much.  Not bad.  Pretty clean but the chili pepper flakes and grated cheese shakers were not really appetizing looking so I skipped those (and I love those!).
Service - Really good here - the person at the counter was friendly and could tell we had never been there before so she suggested a few items and helped us with the large menu. 

Next stop (s) -
Villiage Idiot
Gino's Original
What do you suggest?

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