Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pizza Tour of Toledo: The Original Gino's Pizza

Gino's Pizza, Monroe St.  Sylvania, OH
This was a special treat as Gino's offers buffet on Monday night's only.  Ahhh!  Let's talk about the pizza itself first.
Crust - This is some of the best crust.  Soft and pillowy, not too thick but not thin either.  I do believe it's the perfect balance.  Cheese goes ALL THE WAY TO THE EDGE.  I love that.
Sauce - This sauce is not for everyone, but it is for sure for ME!  It is rich and thick with some sweetness to they load it on.  It oozes out of the cheese for maximum eating pleasure (that sounds gross, but you get what I am saying).
Overall Pizza Score - I give it an A+.  So far, Gino's is tied with J&G's for me.  
What did ya eat?  Everything.  I ate absolutely everything.  My fellow PTT founder and I had two joiners last night so we just smashed the buffet, which was plentiful and was constantly replenished with new and different items.  The pizzas are small, so one slice is really only 1/4 of a slice to ensure that you can try many kinds.  Here is a list of some of their pizzas.   I am a sucker for an original cheese and I loved the jalapeno & olive variety.  The garlic cheese bread really blew my hair back!  Dessert pizza was a hot apple pie type deal and was insanely good.  This buffet also features pasta and chili (decent, nothing special), french fries and salad.  My advice?  Skip the salad.  Just eat a healthy lunch so you have more room for this delicious pizza!
Other items of note -  Great price, fountain soda, nice staff.  You really cannot beat this pizza buffet on Monday nights!
Atmosphere - It's what you would expect.  Tables and booths and you order at the front.  Small space.    PS No once cares about this atmosphere - you are too busy shoveling pizza and treats in your face.  Kid friendly.  I believe they serve beer on the opposite end of that.
Service - Since it's buffet you just get what you get!!  The servers cleared promptly so leaving a few bucks on the table is perfectly appropriate.

My advice?  Go to Gino's!  I liked this location in Sylvania.  I would go to the other locations for the comparison.  I am sure they are quite up to snuff. 

Next stop on the PTT - Either Village Idiot, Aimee's, Mama Mary's on Airport or Charlie's (they have ice cream there, so I vote Charlie's).

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Wrestling Kitties said...

I would be interested your thoughts on BG pizza places! Myles, Pisanellos & Pagliai's :-)