Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Go Fork Yourself

People ask me all the time -

What are you craving?

If you frequent my blog (or if you read one of two posts) you would know that I am a food-a-holic, and as said food lover, I don't need to use that fact that I am growing a human as an excuse to crave food.  It just comes naturally.

Today's hankering was Doc Watson's.  I get the turkey burger with muenster on wheat bread and a side a steamed veggies.   It's a perfect meal - protein, whole grains, dairy and veggies.  Love it!  Plus they have amazing whole grain mustard.

I didn't have a lunch buddy or time for dine-in today so I opted to carry-out.  Included in my sack was "silverware.".  Here is what I found:
So I was forced to eat my broccoli with a spoon.  I would have eaten it with my hands, I'm no princess.  I just thought it was so odd - double knife?  I have never seen this before.  Maybe it's an omen....I'm getting a few scratch offs today.

Let's back up a smidge though to the parking lot of Doc's.  Have you been to this strip mall?  It's interesting.  Other businesses include Bigby's, a liquor store with a really great beer selection, a wig/jewelry store (nice combo), Little Ceasars, Tasty Thai, HOTTT Nails (so hot it needs three Ts) that also sells dishware, a of course a generic pharmacy.   Get the picture?

As I was pulling out with my fork-less meal, I noticed a girl running into Doc's.  Probably late for work.  I saw a banana fall out of her pocket.  Now, if she is like me, she would be SO DEVASTATED to go have her 3pm snack and realize her banana was gone.  So I did what any normal obnoxious hungry person would do.

*Rolls down window* "Excuse me - you dropped your banana!!!!" 

Sometimes I don't realize how loud I can be.  I have been told that it is a gift by some and it does come in handy when I am leading tours outside and also through construction zones and when I need to get someone's attention in another state.  However....
I think I scared the bejezzzus out of this poor girl by screaming to her about her banana like she had dropped a check for a million dollars and it was headed for the cliffs of Niagara Falls rapidly without a barrel.

After her initial shock, she picked up her precious million dollar banana and went hurriedly on her way.  She probably wanted to tell me to go fork myself.  I just drove away and for some reason, started laughing like a crazy person replaying in my head the decibel level and phrase of what I just exclaimed. 


Michelle Powell said...

I can't stop laughing picturing this scenario!!

Iris Took said...

LOL! Merp, I knew you would appreciate this.

Erika Jean said...

HAha. Probably one of those phrases you will never be able to say again!

Now see, if you were me I'd say the 2 spoons were a sign that I need more ice cream in my life ;-)