Thursday, April 24, 2014

36 week update

Here's the update!

36 weeks now.  Almost there.  How did that happen?  Some people say they feel like they have been pregnant forever but I don't really feel that way.  I have been blessed with a great pregnancy and not a lot of complications or issues so I do feel lucky.

How's Baby?
Baby is doing well according to the doc.  Growing big and healthy and behaving like a 36 week old baby should.  This baby is a big one - in the 85th percentile right now and has a lot of hair (which I think is so cute and can see waving around in the ultrasound).  Last ultrasound this baby had it's foot in it's face.  Which made me laugh.  We have been fondly calling Baby either "Hairy" or "Footface."  I have always thought the 3-D photos were so creepy.  However when you are the grower of said baby, it is less creepy because you can feel baby and have been growing alongside of him/her the entire time.  You can SEE your baby move on the screen while you feel it.  That makes it more real. The picture is just a memento.  So yes, seeing a random 3-D baby is creepy, unless you are the mother.

See the foot?  Right in the eye socket. 
How are you feeling?
I feel great still (for the most part and all things considered).  I have all the usual issues of people that are HUGE at this point like frequent bathroom trips (duh) and getting full fast (that's odd for me) but that just means I get to eat more often (I try to be a glass half full kind of person).   At this point, I am definitely moving slower than usual.  I walked across the Zoo yesterday and I just felt heavy.  I felt like I wanted to hold up my belly just for the support.   I cannot explain fully how hot I am .  Not like, "DAYM, you so hot gurrrll," but more like, "get me an ice bath and a fan," hot.  Now I was always sort of a little heater before (you know armpit sweat all year long and stuff) but this is crazy.  I'm hot all the time and I have actually had to go outside several times during meetings because I felt like I was truly overheating.  I sleep relatively well because I am exhausted at the end of the day.  Getting in and out of bed is tricky because of the bigness - see below.  Feet are sometimes big but they go down.  I think eating well and all the exercise I have kept up have really and truly helped.  Sounds obvious, but it has been a conscious effort to continue being active this entire time.

Taken on 4/20 - Easter Sunday.  I felt a little like Shrek in this green but rocked it anyway!
Pet Peeves?
I know people are excited for me but sometimes there are comments that just hit me in the wrong way.  Why do people feel the need to tell me that they think I am having twins?  Like I don't know what I'm having!!!  Or, wow!  You are sooooo big!  Are you overdue?  That doesn't help.  What about someone giving me their delivery story - or horror story.  If it's bad, at this point, just don't tell me.  If  ask, ok then.  But unsolicited horror story?  No thank you!  Since I am only 5' tall, I think I may look bigger than someone that is taller.  At birth class, there was a girl there that was due the same day as me and I was hoping for her sake we don't go at the same time....because this baby will DOMINATE her baby.  I am twice the size that she is.  It's not a contest I know.  But that is where the pet peeve of everyone telling me how huge I am comes into play.  As a first time mother, I think it adds to my anxiety about when I am going to deliver and if it will all be ok (but you don't know that until afterwards, do you!!).  I know it will be but sometimes, those comments......

I have been so lucky to have 3 showers - you cannot believe the generosity and support of our family and friends.  I am still finishing a few thank you notes but I just cannot fully express how touched and honored I was to have three separate showers.  Each one special and unique, my hostesses and guests took the time not only to come to the shower, but to buy a gift and celebrate with us.  I just was blown away.  Even more so than with our wedding - people are truly happy for you and your growing family.  We are all so busy with life and showers and parties are such a great way to reconnect.  I cannot thank everyone enough for their love and support.  It truly is overwhelming that we have so many friends and family that care for us but also for this little baby that is not even here  yet.  We are so lucky.

What's your plan?
We don't plan on putting photos on Facebook right away so please check this blog for updates.  I am due May 18th but I would check around May 4th (may the fourth be with you!) and beyond.

That's all for now.  Lots of love. 

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Ky | TwoPretzels said...

More! More! I didn't want this post to end. But then again, I certainly don't wish that you'd be pregnant forever because can you a.) IMAGINE how hot you'd be and b.) can you imagine how awkward that would be?

SO anywho, great post. You're so cute. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.

Now I don't want to know your names that you have picked out, I merely want to know if you've told anyone else (besides DT), the potential names.

Over and out.

May the 4th be with you, too.

(Cinco de Mayo would be a fun one, too.)