Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 30 update

30 weeks -
Well, ok, here's some crazy lady math for you...

If I am 30 weeks, and 40 is full term, but you really need to get to 34-36 weeks, then I am basically have only a month to really prepare.  What if I'm early....then basically any day now.  Right?  Right!!!?!?!  

Realization:  My apps no longer do me any good.   They all say crap like "Tip of the day:  Get a pedicure, relax and have some time to yourself, talk to your partner about finances."  DUH!  Give me something useful for God's sake - like, well, for example:

  • What do newborns sleep in?  And for how long?
  • How fast should you drive when you have a one day old baby in your car?
  • What kind of diapers are best for baby?  
  • Do babies always need lotion or cream when you change the diaper or only sometimes?
  • What is the exact temperature water of bath for baby?
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaand the list goes on and on in my head.....

You feel me?   We have birth classes tomorrow as well as next Tuesday and I think that will be informative.  I can only read so much before my brain starts doing what it's doing right now - overloading.  Doubting.  Stressing. 

I had a terrible cold at the end of last week and over the weekend.  I had to miss two days of work.  I still am recovering but at one point I just didn't think I was going to recover.  In my craziness, here were my thoughts:

  • What if I was this sick and had to deliver?
  • What if I were this sick and had a newborn?
  • Is baby ok in there?
  • Did I crack a rib from coughing?
  • Will I ever feel better?  
  • Is the doctor absolutely sure I can take Tylenol cold?
Moms/Dads - did you feel this way before baby arrived?

I think I need a few days to myself.  When I am well....


Michelle Powell said...

What do newborns sleep in? And for how long?
s slept in a footed pj with the Velcro sleep swaddlers over it. Love the Velcro.
How fast should you drive when you have a one day old baby in your car? Don't worry, he won't be able to get above 25 before you start telling him to slow down.
What kind of diapers are best for baby? Pampers swaddlers. Get NB and size ones bc NB only last a couple weeks and some babies wear ones after a week.
Do babies always need lotion or cream when you change the diaper or only sometimes? I use aquaphor religiously. S has only ha one diaper rash when he was on meds.
What is the exact temperature water of bath for baby? Test on your wrist and aim for lukewarm.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaand the list goes on and on in my head.....go with your gut, it's usually right!


Wrestling Kitties said...

First....HUGS!! This is ALL SO NORMAL!!!

All these questions...NORMAL!

I STILL ask my friends questions regularly that go something like, UH, IS THIS NORMAL, WHAT DO I DO?!?!


I had the "What to Expect Books", but strangely enough we figured things out. I really don't know HOW but we did. We found what worked for us, tried things, and just stuck to what worked at the time. The thing is you may have to try different things till you find what works for you and then once you think you have it figured out, it will change. BUT believe me, you figure it out. Really.

I think I was blowing up Ky's emails and friends emails the first year Henry was don't feel bad asking your friends and family!! We understand and would love to offer based on our experiences :-)

I know when they sent Henry home with us, we were like WTF do we do now?!?! HAHA But we have figured it out, read, asked people and I have NO doubt you two will also and be amazing parents!!!

Wrestling Kitties said...

(part of my comment got deleted, but of course I can't remember what I wrote....FYI - You may lose your mind, heehee!!)

If you ever need anything let me know!

30 weeks....AAAAAHHHHHH!

Stephanie said...

My mommy advice...
Get baby sleepers that ZIP not button. Target carries them, I think the brand is Carter's. Children's Place also has them. When you are sleep deprived and waking up every few hours, you do NOT want to deal with or figure out buttons. Especially when they get all weird and criss-crossy at the crotch.
But whatever you do, SWADDLE that baby. The tighter the better. Babies wrapped like burritos sleep better.

Pampers are best for newborns, once the baby is older you can save a buck and use the Target brand.

And if you splurge on any baby "gadget", spend your money on a good baby carrier. The kind you wear. And not Baby Bjorn. Those are no good. I can't figure out why they're so damn expensive. Chances are you'll have to order them online. When I had my oldest, Toledo didn't carry the higher end ones.
Look up Ergo-baby, Lilli Baby (sp?) or Becco Baby. They disperse the weight like a backpack (around the shoulders and hips) versus criss-cross across the back like all the rest of them do.'ll be just fine! You got this!
Keep in mind, you need to love and nurture your child, but you also need to give them enough dysfunction that they have a good sense of humor as an adult. ; )
Good luck and welcome to the club!

Iris Took said...

@Stephanie - NICE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!! Thanks for the great advice. It is much appreciated. Hope all is well on the West Coast.