Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time travel

I created an EVITE last week (when was the last time you did that??).  I was reading my profile and it made me laugh;  it was like opening a time capsule to a newly graduated from college me.  Ah!   Here are my answers from 2001 in black and current answers in (blue):

What would you say?  Then and now?

  • Hometown: Toledo (same)
  • If I found $1,000, I'd: Save it (same)
  • TV show I never miss: 24 (with Netflix and DVR, I am not so TV regimented.  But I seriously NEVER missed 24.  Even if someone was like, hey, we are doing this or that on Monday, I would FREAK, and be all, BUT IT'S BAUER HOUR!!!)
  • Song that gets me dancing: Michael Jackson (dancing for me is not that cool currently  - but I still bust it to MJ, you know I can do a mean moonwalk)
  • Go-to cocktail: Vodka Soda (uh, maybe MOCKtail right now.  Pre-bump, I was digging the scotch and whiskey).
  • Alma mater: U of Toledo (same)
  • First concert I ever attended: ICP (hah!  Jugg-a-ho!)
  • Favorite place I've traveled: Germany (still awesome, would love to go back)
  • Childhood hero: The Hulk (yes!)
  • Best season: Autumn (same!)
  • Book I've read over and over: LOTR (now it is Little Pea, thank you Two Pretzels)
  • Last meal on earth: Chili Mac - TONS OF IT! (That's so hard to give one singular answer, but I would still go with this)
  • Movie that makes me cry: The Patriot (ha!  I was so into that movie.  It is a tear-jerker at parts.  Of course, I listed an action movie....)
  • I'm known for: The worm (or falling asleep on the couch at 8pm..... someday, back to the worm, backwards AND forwards!)

Favorite Places to Go

  • Favorite dinner spot: Beirut (yes)
  • Favorite dive bar: Jax (haha, gross, but awesome)


Wrestling Kitties said...

HAHA! love this! When we cleaned out our storage unit last year I found a bunch of things I had written and it was from college and write after. It was funny how much was similar and was also different :-)

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

This is fantastic. You've inspired me to go back and search my blog for a survey., I can't wait to see what I wrote way back when. :)

And I'm glad you like LIttle Pea. :)