Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Madness

March Madness - not quite what you were thinking?  My madness is decorating and fixing up the house.  "Nesting," as some call it.  I call it, "I am going to be home with a baby that will require all of my time and I MUST be happy with my house and not wanting to start house projects that I cannot finish or afford."  How's that for a run on sentence?  My life feels a little bit like a run on sentence right now.

I am basically trained at sewing and can follow basic instructions and do straight lines.  What does that mean? Pillows.  I love fabrics and think that can spruce up any space. 

Project 1 - Living Room.  The ceiling in the room is gorgeous.  Vaulted and wood (I should have shown you a pic, huh?).   We just got new carpet too.  Looks, feels, and smells great.  However.  I was noticing that everything was staring to be the same color.  Beige.  Which in a house is no color at all.  I picked out some fabrics and off we go.  I also did add a new lampshade (See it in the corner there- yellow with he print?) and I added some colorful tschotkes to the bookshelf too (of course after this photo).  Easy, fun and cheap ways to change the look.

I love the orange and green pillow.  Both are wild prints!
Here is the living room currently. 
I ran out of yellow.  So I patched some together.  This is the runt pillow, but I like to think it has "character."

Love chevron!  Blue polka dot is super cute.

Project 2 - Baby's room.  I needed some pillows for the gliding chair.  Also a great way to incorporate the grey/white theme.  Color to be added later - Navy if we have a boy, maybe coral or peach if a girl comes our way.  We'll see :)   I will post once we have the room mostly together.  A BIG thank you to the Mustache for crib assembly.

Used corduroy for the back of this one
I said I was BASICALLY skilled.  I just mark with a pen.  They are not perfect, but I think they look good
The back of the finished pillow.  I like the envelope style because it is easy on, easy off.  No zipper required.  Good for washing!
Front and back of finished un-stuffed pillows

Finished pillows on the chair.  Time to take a load off!


Erika Jean said...

They look great. Love the combos!

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

I am so impressed by your crafting skills! I'm jealous, too. It all looks great. And I cannot WAIT to visit your house and your BABY'S ROOM which will soon have a BABY IN IT!