Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Camera - Point and Shoot or Big Lens?

Friends -

Do you have a point and shoot camera


Do you lug around a nice quality camera that takes better photos?

Tell me.  I am debating about getting a bigger, nicer camera (for taking more photos of this Baby T coming in May) but I think I will not want to carry it around with me.  Is it a pain?  Are the amazing photos worth it?  Is uploading annoying?

The iPhone makes everything quick and easy, but I am so out of the habit of actually uploading photos and I have not printed any out in forever.    Putting them in a scrapbook?  Puh-leeze!

But I want to.  And I especially want to when it comes to baby.

Moms, are you cracking up at me right now, as if, 
"Honey, you will not have time."
Or is it more like, 
"Yes, take as many as you can.  I did and am so happy I did."

Tell me......


Michelle Powell said...

I have a nice but non big lens camera, but I always just end up using the iphione. Things happen fast with babies and you always have your phone! I started making a yearly family photo album, like a yearbook, from January to December to get all the pics printed out. They have them on shutterfly :)

Iris Took said...

MERP - GREAT idea! I love the idea of a yearbook! That is genius. Seriously.

Sassytimes said...

Take lots of photos! Even with your phone...things DO happen fast, in the moment, and you'll never care down the road if it was an iPhone pic or a fancy'll just be glad you caught the moment. You know?

Yes, nice cameras are worth it. Are they easy to lug around? No. I rarely take mine anywhere bc it's like a 4th child. I take my phone everywhere and I have a nice point and shoot that is small. Point and shoots have come a long way. You'd be surprised how nice of photos they can take now.

And I second the yearly family photo albums. Family year books. I do them too, but am seriously behind. One day... ;)

Erika Jean said...

If u think you will have the time to learn the features of a dslr, then go big. U will love the pictures more! I think it'd be worth lugging it around.... if u don't thing you will ever take it off auto.... save your money and get a point and shoot!

Wrestling Kitties said...

We have a nice point and shoot camera. I like the pictures we take, but I will say I can be envious of the pictures from people with the nice cameras. Perhaps some day we will get one, but for me right now I like the ease and convenience of something smaller. I mean, even our smaller one is a pain in the ass to take places like the zoo or a family event....but yes the quality is not the same.

When he was little and hardly moved I took all the pictures on my camera. But now that he is older 90% of the pictures I take are on my phone and 95% of those are I don't know that it matters!!! :-)

We also do the JCP or Target groupons and have gotten his picture taken professionally at least once every 6-8 months.

And TAKE PICTURES. ALL THE TIME!! Even if it is your little one just laying there and it is on your phone. You will quickly forget how little they were. I go back ALL the time and look at baby Henry. It makes my heart melt. I am glad I took so many.

Infact, I take so many pictures of him now he is constantly telling me NO CHEESE ME ANYMORE MOM!!! heehee