Friday, March 7, 2014

Art Project

Because so many of you like my photos on instagram (and thank you!!), I wanted to share my Elephant wall art project with you.

I got the inspiration from Etsy when I saw these cute elephants for something crazy like $40, not even framed.  And I thought, I can totally do this myself.  I just need some time to do it.  Start to finish, I bet it took me a month to complete (because I am like that).

Step one:
I found the cutest possible elephant outline picture and drew one myself.   This took me maybe an hour to draw, re-draw, erase and perfect.  Get a snack, go to the bathroom, perfect and finally cut out the stencil.
Original stencil

Step two:
Trace and cut out the other elephants in contrasting colors.   This took me a LONG time.  It took me a long time at Hobby Lobby picking out the colors.  Should I pick green?  Grey? White?  All print?  I am happy with the result of light grey, dark grey, white and grey/white chevron.  But I sincerely stood in the paper aisle for about 45 minutes.  Sweating.

Step three:
I picked up about 2 weeks later (and after I spilled some water on my light grey, so I needed a replacement).  Did you know Hobby Lobby is not open on Sundays?  Lame!  Anyway, I was deciding which elephant should go on what paper.  Also which ear should go on what elephant.  These are the big decisions people!  I used a basic glue stick to get the elephants to just stick.  I didn't want them smudgy or messy.

Step four:
Now, two more weeks later, I actually found the correct frames (at Jo-Ann Fabric!).  I did hunt for the 12x12 white frames and it was no small task.  Hobby Lobby, no.  Michaels, no.   Kohls, no.  Jo-Ann, YES!
Here is the mostly finished project.  I still have to actually hang them, but here they are in all their 12x12 glory in the room (Sherwin Williams quietude paint).

This project was really fun and easy and extremely cost effective.
10 pieces of paper for 57 cents each - always half off =$2.85
4 frames $19.99 buy one get one free = $42.78 (plus now I have an extra frame)

Scissors and glue I already had.



Wrestling Kitties said...

Thank you for posting this!!!! I absolutely LOVE this.

I have wanted to make something with the lyrics to Baby Mine, because I sing that every night to henry. This gave me an idea to do that!!!

Those turned out SO good and I love the color choose. Well done!!

Wrestling Kitties said...


Erika Jean said...

Those turned out super cute!!