Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vacation Recap

Ok, well we are back.


Something you will never  hear me say while on vacation...."I'm ready to go back.  I am looking forward to the routine again."


Being on vacation (especially while pregnant) and having that ahhhhh feeling of no schedule, no obligations, no pressure, no stress, is really just priceless.  Plus, going somewhere that does not require you to don your parka is literally so freeing.  The weather is Sarasota was not particularly nice for Florida at this time of the year (and the locals kept apologizing for it!), but for us - it was pure paradise. 

My schedule was something like this:
730a - wake up, no alarm
8-10a - watch Sherlock Holmes on Netflix (have you seen this?  Great show!  Watch immediately)
1030a - bug sleeping husband to ask if he's hungry too
11a - make way to the pool (after squeezing myself into a maternity tankini)
12p - have snack #2
2p - have lunch at a pre-scouted establishment that husband chef found online for us.  Amazing.
3-5pm  general screw around time/local attractions
5pm - take a nap because of my exhausting day
8pm - more food at more amazing places
10pm - go to bed because I'm exhausted and my cankles need a break

Also - please intersperse ice cream breaks, other naps, walks on the beach, and reading Game of Thrones (also really good and CRAZY!  Sex with siblings?!  Blech!).  Another great thing?  I never once checked my work email and don't think I made any phone calls.  Just not necessary.  I felt very unplugged while I was there.  It was wonderful.

Tell me how much you love vacation.

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Ky | TwoPretzels said...

This sounds EXACTLY like what vacation SHOULD be. I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful time. YAY!!!