Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Last night at my pottery class, we started learning techniques on hand building.  It was a welcomed break from the wheel.  You know, I thought I would love throwing on the wheel, that I would find it soothing and calming.  But actually, it is so much more complex than you would think (and that I remembered from my grade school classes).   You have to center the clay (which is tedious), and then you have to take measurements (which must be exact).  Then you must let your piece dry to leather-hard (and not overly dry), and after that you need to again center it upside-down (ugh), and trim it (after taking specific measurements once more).   Not to mention there is an s-ton of cleanup with a wheel.  How am I not a natural genius at this?  Inconceivable.

I am more of a little of this, little of that kind of a person.

Exact and specific are not my style.  Especially when I am doing something for relaxation and recreation.  I don't want to be frustrated by my clay!  I realize this takes years of practice to become even decent at the wheel, but I wanted to just pick it right back up.  Right?  Right?

Plus I have a large pregnant belly and the shortest legs of all time all of which make leaning over not ideal.

Did I mention I am left-handed so everything seems backwards to me?  Reverse wheel throwing!  AH!

What about the pinch pots!  Coil rolling!  Let's get back to that!  Who needs a nice ash tray?

Anyway, last night we started rolling out large clay slabs on this enormous contraption that reminded me of the torture device on The Princess Bride.  At one point during the demo, I muttered, "not to 50!" and someone snickered.  That someone is now my bestie in the class.

My friend Amy, her gallery here, is so wildly talented and I just admire her so much.  Look at her work!  I like the ones that look like ballet slippers and my favorite one is the blue and green piece that is clearly a piece of lasagna.  Hi Amy!

Please expect amazing things from my hand built collection.  My wheel work needs improvement.   Pics to come, I promise!

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