Tuesday, February 11, 2014

26 Week update

26 week update!

Baby Size
Apps report cauliflower, leek and green onion.  The widths vary widely - Something I don't really  understand.  however, the poundage is just over 2lbs.  2 lbs baby!  This baby is really moving around in there and it's so fun and special to be able to feel it's little kicks and jabs.  Even other people can feel now if they put their hand on my belly.  Baby T's heartbeat on Monday was 149.

What does the Doc say {please sing what does the Fox say}?
 Doc says I am looking good and the baby is measuring well.  No issues.  BP normal and I have the clearance to go to Florida next week.  Have to take the glucose test in the next week or two. 

How do you feel about people touching you?
You know, I thought I would HATE it, but actually I don't mind it.  It's cute when some people are just so moved that that have to touch your belly in a loving way.  A light pat or quick laying-of the hands is fine.  Plus I have never had a harder stomach (bonus).  Now a two handed caress is not cool.  That's too much.   I don't even like that word.   Caress.  Remember that gross soap?  I also don't like when people bend down and talk baby-talk to my belly.  I find that irritating and weird. 

Any swelling?
For now, my feet are ok.  I have heard they can get huge (and possibly stay huge) - which will be less than ideal.  My feet are already square-like blocks.  My hands go up and down and some days I cannot get my wedding ring on/some days not.  So I just wear another ring that is bigger on those days.  I hate being without a ring.  Why should I care?  Should I care that people will think that I am, gasp, unmarried, when I am actually married?  Did you go ring less?

Is the baby's room done?
Have we met?   We have it painted, but that's it!  Need carpet, furniture, decor, etc...   I need to get moving on this while I can still move around well.   Color is a blueish/teal/grey color.  Accents will be white and grey and elephants.  I wanted the room to look gorgeous and not too baby-like.  It will get all junked up once my little star is older and has their own taste.  For now, I can strive for my own version of Pottery Barn (while junking it up from Goodwill).  AH!


Wrestling Kitties said...

Baby update!!! YAY!! And 26 weeks....awesome!

I am putting dibs on a boy ;-)

I just loved feeling Henry move. I would come home after work and lay on the couch because like clockwork, every day around 5:45 Henry would jump all around, well that is what I assumed he was doing as he still likes to jump today! But I would see my belly move and he would roll and it was AWESOME.

Glad to hear everything else is going well. I didn't mind the glucose test. I had orange and it was like a really sweet orange pop. The ONLY thing was I didn't have a smart phone so sitting that long was annoying. I think I brought a puzzle book.

I didn't mind friends touching my belly at all, which totally surprised me too. After being pregnant I always want to touch pregnant bellies because I miss being pregnant....but I refrain :-) But if I see you no promises!! heehee

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

I love this update. And I'm with W.K. This is a boy. I think. I cannot WAIT TO HEAR what you name him.

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS A SURPRISE for all of us. (You know, since it's obviously about all of us.)