Tuesday, February 4, 2014

25 weeks and counting

I was just reading my friend Two Pretzels' blog and was inspired by her updates during both her pregnancies and realized that I had been slacking not only giving you the updates but also just about writing them myself. 


What are the sizes of stuff?
Now 25 weeks pregnant, this baby is the size of an eggplant (or rutabaga?!) or celery stalk, depending on the source.   This baby weighs about 2 pounds is about 9 inches in length.  Baby T can recognize our voices, can sense light and open his/her eyes, has more developed lungs and brain, and is really moving around!  According to my app, my uterus is the size of a soccer ball (as opposed to pre-pregnancy pear-sized).  That seems so gross to me.  A soccer ball?  No wonder I am having a hard time bending over.  Blah!

How am I feeling?
Thankfully - excellent!  Of course I am tired sometimes.  Of course I want to eat bagels and ice cream (but I wanted to eat that crap before I was pregnant).  My only true gripe is that I have developed carpal tunnel and it's more annoying than anything.  My hands tingle and are numb most of the time.  Opening cans is quite the chore and I frequently drop pens.  My texting and typing are both sub-par.  I did get a prescription for splints from my dctor.  Guess what they are called?  Cock-ups!  Why?  That's so weird.  So funny.

Big question-  baby names
Not telling!  I just hate it when people tell you they went to grade school with someone named X and how X was such a huge jerk.  Really?  Because I didn't go to grade school with you or X and I don't know X whatsoever!  Don't hate on my baby name!  Anyway - I just call this baby my partner, my little star, or just plain old "baby."  For example - Come on baby, let's go to work!  Good night my little star, love you.

I promise - I will update you more on our progress!  Thanks for reading :)

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