Tuesday, January 28, 2014

These Dreams

Written on 12/10/14
I have read that pregnancy can bring on unusual dreams but I have always been a very vivid and intense dreamer as long as I can remember.  I was just hoping they didn't get really scary. 

I dreamed (dreamt?) I had a baby.

Yes, I know.  I am going to have a baby, so that's not unusual.

However, it was the other things that were odd.

1)  I had the baby one month early and I was NOT ready.  The baby's room was a mess.   Bad carpet.  No paint.  No furniture.  It was messy and I could not find any bottles or anything for the baby.

2)  It was a girl. For sure - 100%  it was a girl.  This was my second girl dream.

3)  Then I just got up and left and got involved in a gang fight.  Left my poor little girl at home and got involved with some switchblade-wielding group.  My husband called during my "fight" and said he was tired of my behavior and was leaving me.  At least he still has some decision making skills.

4)  When I got home, my baby was still there, but no husband.  Not to worry, my sister was there but she was on her phone.  She never got off her phone.  The whole time she was there.  Which was days, I think.

5)  I lived then in an old, dilapidated mansion.  The staircases were huge, winding stairs but they also had short, direct stairs right next to them as a quicker option.

Written on 1/26/14
New Dream.  This time it was a boy.  The doctor sent us home with a "baby" and instructed us not to "open" until we got home.  Like a Christmas present.  So, naturally, we got home and had to change the baby and discovered....it was a boy.  Plain as day. 

Fortune-cookie baby! 

So now, that is two girl dreams and one boy dream. 


Wrestling Kitties said...


Love it!

I have vivid dreams all the time and during my pregnancy they were crazy. I remember the one that freaked me out the most was the one when I woke up (in my dream) and Henry was laying next to me in his sac (ew) and just smiling at me and waving. We freaked out and called the doctor and she said, oh that happens a month before he is born. He is just getting ready for the delivery. Uh. Ok?! She told me to just carry him around in a blanket for the next month. So i had to take him to work in a blanket around my neck. And the sac (ew) was my skin color but just a little transparent so he would move his face up and look through so you would just see this face or hands pushing through. It freaked me out!!

I also had a dream where while in my stomach his hands and face would come out and hug me...I think I had some fear of that! haha!

Also, please don't join a gang ;-)

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

These are fantastic. However, I do not condone gang-fighting after you're a Mom.